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Cultural Transformation Through Kingdom Living. It is our heart to see people offer themselves freely to God in worship, prayer, and Bible reading. It is the purpose of this ministry to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom here on earth.


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In the 1990’s a series of revivalists visited the FM area; this included Rodney Howard-Browne, Brownsville revivalists, Argentina revivalists, and numerous others. Out of that renewal, a home prayer group started and has been meeting for the last 15 years. Members of this group included professionals in various walks of life. Their desire is to see the Kingdom of God influencing all areas of society. To see this accomplished, they started a ministry called Burning Hearts. They believe that Jesus has all answers for the problems of society today and that we can influence society through the power of the Holy Spirit. Burning Hearts Church desires to equip and train people to bring the fullness of the Kingdom of God to their spheres of influence!

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Jana Sawchuk is the Senior Pastor and Co-Founder of Burning Hearts Ministry. At the young age of 19, Jana headed to Fiji for her first long term mission work. She witnessed lives changed forever by the Power of Jesus just like she had read in Acts growing up. Marked by the events she witnessed, Jana continued to serve in Russia and Ukraine until she returned to the United States and met and married her husband, Ted Sawchuk, MD. After starting a family and working as an Elementary Teacher, Jana felt called back to ministry and became an ordained pastor. She now lives in Fargo with Ted and their three children – Ander, 22, Anica, 20, and Isaac, 18. Above all, Jana lives to see people finding their identity in Jesus Christ, find their calling and see cities and nations changed. In between, you can find her spending time with family, enjoying sunny days, and laughing often.






Pastor Chris Schuster has been a part of the Burning Hearts family for a long time. Chris grew up in Fargo, ND in a loving home with parents that instilled a passion for God, a love of music, and a deep sense of family and belonging.
Prior to joining Burning Hearts Church full-time in 2017, Chris had been enjoying a teaching career that began at Park Christian School in Moorhead, MN and concluded in the three Fargo Public High Schools. Chris’ contagious enthusiasm provided his students with an exciting musical experience over his 4 years of teaching.
Aside from teaching, Chris has long enjoyed ministering to God and to the church with music. Chris’ worship ministry in the church began at the age of 9, and has continued to this day. Chris has lead worship on a weekly basis for the past 10 years, and has also served as a guest worship leader and guest speaker at various youth camps, retreats and missions trips. Chris admits that since he was a child, he believed it was only a matter of time until he would enter into full-time ministry.
Chris’ desire – whether he is in a ministry setting or not – has always been to see people experience and embrace the love and saving power of Jesus Christ. Chris currently serves as Burning Hearts Church’s Worship, Youth, and Young Adult Pastor.








Cyndy is currently involved in healthcare leadership. She has held positions of leadership in public and private health care settings for twenty-two years. Cyndy also has a counseling background and an undergraduate degree in Social Work and Master’s Degree in Business Management. Ministry and teaching background include serving on ministry committees and co-leading events for conferences, women’s bible studies, prayer teams, serving as a deacon, evangelism training, healing school training under Global Awakening with Randy Clark and Leadership Advance Training with Bethel Church in Redding. Cyndy’s gifting and interests are in administrative work and strategy building that advance kingdom priority, release the prophetic voice of our generation and teach that signs and wonders do follow those who believe








Rachel has been involved with Burning Hearts since it’s early “living room” years. Originally a Minnesota girl… she fell in love with Fargo {slightly against her will} and moved here for college at NDSU in 2004. Prior to joining Burning Hearts full time as the Director of Operations, she had loved investing in our city while working at Valley Christian Counseling Center for nearly 6 years. Rachel has an intense love for healthy organizational systems, while also encouraging the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. {She also loves backcountry hiking and camping, traveling abroad & lots of book reading!} Rachel’s gifting and interests are in administrative work, inviting people to explore God’s dreams for themselves, and urging every son & daughter of God to love as one united family.






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